Creative Learning

Your child has numerous ways to learn,the gamified way!.


Cognitive Development

Boost your child’s cognitive development with several hands-on activities.


Various Activities

Several diverse activities in a box to explore!


About Us 15 Years Of Experience In Teaching Sector

At S.S International School, we prepare you for your future by providing a supportive, creative, and professional environment from which to learn & build yourself

We seek to provide inclusive and equitable quality education to all our students. At S.S International School we ensure that our students are equipped to face the challenges, to think critically, be creative, and to be problem solvers so as to enable them to adapt and excel in the novel and changing world scenario.

The bedrock of our philosophy is to make learning experiential and holistic and most of all to promote the joy of learning. We work towards the development of the creative potential of each student through debates, discussions and harnessing their ‘higher-order’ cognitive capacities. We purport to develop Jpites into ethical, upright, caring, compassionate and contributing citizens for building a better and more beautiful world..

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Contact School Help Line No.

+91 724 000 1591

School Facilities

Class Room
The airy, ventilated, and well-lighted classrooms are equipped with Digital infrastructure.

Our laboratories are meticulously placed workstations well equipped with the best and most modern instruments.

Pre primary section
The school has a separate Pre primary section with exclusive and safe facilities for little ones with a big garden area.

They are encouraged to explore the new vista opened to them through the literary world.

The school has lush green playgrounds with different trees all around which keeps the child close to the nature.

24 hours security & safety is in school. High boundary wall constructed around entire school area.


Hesitate To Admission? We Are The Best Choice For Your Child

As a word from our heart, we love to dedicate for Kids the valuable things in Life. A great education is a must for a solid developments in both soul and mind for kids. We go with kids to play, learn, and grow better.


Well Trained Professionals

Well-qualified teachers have the ability to connect with their students on a personal level.


International Lesson Patterns

The School Follow CBSE Pattern and CBSE Guideline. Highly qualified teachers are known for being empathetic.


Awesome Infra-Structure

The Perfect School Campus: The Importance of Having a Good School Infrastructure

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June 23, 2019

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